Facebook Basics - Searching Events Near You


Your New Best Friend

2. Not impressed by what Facebook tailored for you? Click on the Discover tab to search for more events near you. With this function, you can search by city or town near you.

3. With the Discover tab, you can search events based on location and time. For example, type in Forest Grove, click enter, and it will populate events going on in Forest Grove. The events can be filtered by month, category and time.

4. Pop Paint and (Sip), The Forest Grove Farmer’s Market?  If you are interested in one of these events or all of them, you can click the Interested button with the star icon on the lower right-hand corner of the event page. By doing so, Facebook will curate and show more events like the ones you are interested in, it will also let your friends and family in the area know. “Teddy is going to an event near you tomorrow”, this is a fun opportunity for your Facebook friends to click on the event and it can become a social, a bunch of friends attending the Farmers Market together or Forest Grove UnCorked!

Ta-da! You are now an expert in navigating the Events tab. Facebook has a plethora of events to choose from, it’s a matter of choosing which one you want to go to now! Let us know, what events do you like to attend?