The Grove and Gardens is currently not open for visitors or tours. However, we are still accepting inquires. If you would like to receive a virtual tour via pictures, email Connie at Our staff is taking extra precautions at this time and will keep you updated. Stay safe.

2112 Oak Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116 
(503) 359-1002

2112 Oak Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116 | (503) 359-1002

2112 Oak Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116 
(503) 359-1002

Holidays at The Grove and The Gardens

As you walk into The Grove Assisted Living and The Gardens Memory Care, you feel the buzz and vibrancy of the holiday season. To your left, a Christmas tree with different colored lights and ornaments is resting beautifully with an angel at the top. As you walk further into the dining area, the tables are decorated, glittery tinsel and ornaments are hung from every corner, and a slight hint of cinnamon is in the air. As you walk a little further, you are greeted by residents of both the assisted living and the memory care facility, beaming and smiling. It’s always great to hear what they have to say.

Jean, a resident of The Grove Assisted Living, has a jolly personality with a cheerful smile extending from ear to ear. As a nurse for over 40 years, she explains, “I find it hard to give up my independence. I still do a lot for myself, and the staff makes the transition easier to manage.”

Pam is another resident of The Grove and the newest member of the bunch. She echoes Jean’s response. “I was a senior administrative assistant, to let go of everything is hard. I like helping Gina, the Activities Coordinator, with activities and feeling a part of something. They watch out for us.”

As the chatter and holiday cheer continues, you can’t help but smile at the joy residents and staff bring to each other. With a very observant look and a slight smile a resident replies, with a curious thought, “Every day I try to make people smile, that’s my goal.”

Another resident of The Grove, Linda, has been here for seven years. She is free spirited, adventurous and outspoken. With her gleaming blue eyes and dancing smile she says, “When people on Facebook ask if anyone recommends a care place, I tell them about this place even though I don’t know them.”

One of our observant residents, Wayne, adds, “I moved here with my wife, she passed shortly after”. He ponders as the memories start flooding his mind but quickly comes back, “I feel comfortable here.”

The holiday season is always a warming time around here. As the conversation continues, there is a sense of comfort and a touch of family. The staff at The Grove & The Gardens does what they can to offer a nurturing space, uniquely designed for each resident. In the season of giving, being thankful and sharing kindness – Happy Holidays from The Grove & The Gardens Staff and Residents!