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2112 Oak Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116 
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2112 Oak Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116 | (503) 359-1002

2112 Oak Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116 
(503) 359-1002

Moving Tips for Seniors

Often times when the word “moving” is mentioned, a big sigh follows, and a million thoughts start to race through your head. First – take a deep breath. Now continue reading… When you’re a senior moving to a smaller space, an assisted living facility or simply moving in with your children, it can be a greater challenge. The moving process may feel overwhelming but with wonderful support from family and friends and a well thought out strategy, it can be a less daunting task.

First and foremost, start by making “big picture” decisions. Ask yourself how much of the moving process you would like to do on your own. Will you hire a moving company to do the heavy lifting or will they be helping pack too? Will you place additional items in a storage unit? After you have decided what route you are going, create a backward timeline of actionable items which need to be done before the move. Keep a notebook or reminders on your cellphone to have all your information in one place!

Hire Movers

If you look to hire a moving company but lack recommendations or convincing options, find a moving resource website. The National Association of Senior Move Managers provides you with a  list of senior-friendly movers in your area. Type in your zip code to view a list of accredited moving management companies near you. Not only can you view the distance of moving companies from your location, but it will show a list of other states where those companies provide services in if you are planning to move out of state.

Ask For Help

If you are leaning towards a DIY moving route with only the help of friends and family or hiring a moving company, consider the most convenient and efficient option that fits your needs. Whether you are looking at moving resources for mom, dad or yourself, prior planning will save you a lot of stress and headaches. However, seeking emotional or physical support with time will make the transition to a new home more bearable.

Don't Rush

Take your time when organizing and packing your belongings. This process can unleash a wave of emotions reminiscing through years of memories including pictures and/or mementos your children made in school. Preserve meaningful treasures or share them with loved ones to keep for future generations.

Moving can be an emotionally and physically draining experience. This new experience allows you to view belongings in a whole new light and we encourage you to share the joy, laughter, and burden with others. Whether you are moving across town, to another country or to an assisted living facility, explore your options. If you are moving into a senior home, you may consider asking your new home for moving resources and tips like The Grove and The Gardens located in Forest Grove, Oregon.