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2112 Oak Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116
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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it is time to start gift shopping for your friends and relatives. Coming up with gift ideas for your elderly loved ones can be challenging, especially if you are not as close with them as you once were. Besides, what exciting gift can you get for someone who has lived such a full life? The Grove & Gardens has put together a list of 5 simple holiday gift ideas for the seniors in your life that are sure to resonate and impress.

Elderly Gift Ideas

Flameless Candles

For many, decorating a room with the warm glow of a candle is a holiday tradition. However, if left alone or mishandled they can be a real smoke and fire hazard. Flameless candles are a great gift idea for seniors to decorate with while also staying safe. Because they are outlet or battery-powered, they are long-lasting and reusable. Some even include a remote-control timer so forgetting to turn it off won’t be an issue. With many styles and varieties out there, you can choose the perfect flameless candle for your loved one.

Picture Frame

A quality picture frame is not only a stylish accessory anyone can appreciate, but they are also perfect for preserving memories of you and your elderly relative. Whether it is a photo of your family or a specific memory, picture frames are a meaningful gift suited for the holidays. For those who are feeling fancy, a digital picture frame gives you the ability to remotely update the photo in the frame as well as set up an automatic slideshow.

Puzzles and Games

No matter what your age is, you are never too old to enjoy a fun game or puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles in particular are beneficial to seniors as it improves their short-term memory. Regardless of if they are simple or complex, puzzles and games give seniors a fun way to exercise their brain and stay engaged with an activity. Puzzles and games are also a wonderful opportunity for you to spend time with your elderly loved one and perform an activity together.

Socks, Slippers, and Sleepwear

Comfortable and cozy clothes are a classic holiday gift, and there is a good reason why. Relaxation is important for seniors, so gifting them a pair of warm socks or slippers shows you care about their comfort. Similarly, a nice sleepwear or loungewear set is a thoughtful and practical gift for seniors who want to spend their time feeling relaxed, warm, and comfortable.


Bird Feeder

Seniors who enjoy nature and the outdoors would appreciate the gift of a bird feeder this holiday season. Bird feeders provide seniors with the joy of observing many species of birds, as well as the satisfaction of giving nutritious food to the birds. Your loved one will also gain the feeling of responsibility in refilling the feeder to ensure the birds stay fed. There are several types of bird feeders available, so you can make sure the bird feeder you choose for your elderly loved one is easy for them to use.

Hopefully, these gift ideas have given you inspiration and direction for your holiday shopping. Choosing the right gift for seniors can be a struggle, but it is important to remember that thoughtfulness goes a long way in making an impact in your loved one’s life this holiday season.