The Top 7 Apps for Seniors

1. Find My iPhone

Device: iPad, iPhone, and iPod
Price: Free

Find my iPhone is an app which allows apple users to find their missing device whether it has been lost or stolen. If you believe your device has been stolen, you can log onto a computer with your apple ID and lock the device from potential hackers. This is a great device if you often misplace your device.

2. Lumosity

Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android
Price: Free

Lumosity is a brain game challenge app. The app is exercise for your mind that sharpens skills such as memory, problem solving, and flexibility through fun games. Lumosity is used by over 90 million people worldwide and has over 40 brain games to play. Some of the games included are puzzles, memory games, word challenges, and math games. Grab your device and challenge your brain!

3. The Weather Channel

Device: iPad, iPhone,  and iPod
Price: Free

The Weather Channel is a great app that allows you to be prepared for any kind of weather no matter if it rains, snows, or shines. This app shows predictions of what the weather will do next and sends your device alerts for severe weather alerts.

4. Pandora

Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android
Price: $3.99 / Month

Pandora is a music app that allows its users to pick from all different genres of music and creates stations based on what you thumb up and down on the app. For a small fee you can listen to all your favorite stations free of ads and an endless amount of song skips. If you love music grab your headphones and give this app a try.

5. Pillboxie

Device: iPhone
Price: $0.99 / Month

Do you forget to take your medication or which ones to take at the correct time? With Pillboxie you can easily be reminded which medication you need to be taking. The app allows you to schedule times to take your medication and has multiple features such as what color your pills are and how you are feeling.

6. EyeReader

Device: iPhone
Price: $1.99

EyeReader is a great app for readers! The app is a magnifier that allows readers to more clearly see and read the text through the light of the iPhone. You can zoom in as much as needed to see clearly what you are reading and even take pictures of your book. The app is a small one-time fee of $1.99.

7. HeartWide Blood Pressure Tracker

Device: iPhone and iPad
Price: $0.99

HeartWise lets its users track their blood pressure with the simple touch of a button. You can track your health via charts and visuals to see your progress. It also can detect your pulse through your fingertip by the camera of your iPhone.