The Grove and Gardens is currently not open for visitors or tours. However, we are still accepting inquires. If you would like to receive a virtual tour via pictures, email Connie at Our staff is taking extra precautions at this time and will keep you updated. Stay safe.

2112 Oak Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116 | (503) 359-1002

2112 Oak Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116
(503) 359-1002

Why We Love Working with Residents

All of us wish to retire as well as live out our “golden years” comfortably, surrounded by friends and family, doing activities that entertain us best. After years and years of working, raising families, as well as contributing to society, many of us anticipate sitting back and watching the world go by.

Caring for the elderly, or as we refer to them at The Grove Assisted Living & The Gardens Memory Care – residents – means the world to us. Our philosophy at The Grove & The Gardens is that your loved ones will be loved for, cared for, and happy.

Tom, the Director of Operations at The Grove & The Gardens shares, “You make a difference in residents’ lives, for people with different levels of care, your support is invaluable. Our goal is to offer our residents proper, attentive, and respectful care. As the elderly population grows at an even faster rate, it’s important to continue working with staff who shares the same values we do. It’s important for our local communities.”

There are many benefits to working with the residents. Not only is it an important job in society, but it is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling position too.

Tom shares further, “The care sector is unlike any other. Working in our industry can be fun. Regular opportunities for involvement, trips with the residents, opportunities to build lasting relationships. My favorite part is hearing the stories and jokes residents share. You can be laughing for hours on end.” Tom chuckles.

Whether you wish to join our team at The Grove Assisted Living Community or The Gardens Memory Care community, your contribution to a sense of continuity, concern, and companionship does not go undetected by the residents. We are a family-owned and operated for over 40 years and we invite you to be a part of our team. Help us make a difference in our residents’ lives through care and comfort – they deserve it.

We are always looking for passionate and caring people to join our care team!