Assisted Living and Memory Care in Yamhill, Oregon

The Grove & the Gardens provide safe, caring and comfortable care for your loved ones. Our family owned and operated facility serves Yamhill, Oregon. Our staff has more than 40 years of experience serving residents. We know decisions affecting the well-being and happiness of our loved ones can be difficult and overwhelming. We recognize that each resident is unique in every sense with their own individual needs and requirements, and we strive to treat them with respect and dignity while promoting high-quality lifestyle choices and a variety of daily activities that foster interactions and independent living. We want our services to encompass the same level of nurture and support that we would expect from our own family members. We work with our residents and their families to build a sense of community, belonging and trust while still providing the care that they require.

If someone you care about is suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia we have the “Enhanced Care Community”, which addresses memory-related needs by providing a universal caregiver. Our universal caregivers are staff members who provide all of the unique services required by a resident with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Our caregiver services include; personal care, dining, medication management, laundry and personalized daily activities. Our universal caregivers contribute to a sense of steadiness, compassion, and companionship for the resident. This continuity of care helps to improve the kindness and companionship of residents to create a more caring place to live.

If you have further questions about our facilities, comprehensive services, or would like to schedule a personal tour, call today to schedule your visit.